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SV Ciclones Hotrod

Colonels Queen Bee’s 2002 red dun colt
Born 4-10-02


The report from the first buyer of scooter.

The report was always great. Scooter was sold to Bob Goodrow of Hays, KS, but Bob quit riding so called me the spring of 2012 and said Scoot was too good of a horse to just stand in the pen. I had a young girl I was working with at the time, so talked to her parents and he became partially owned by Emily Schneider. They are a great team.  Scooter stays at our place and Em is becoming a great horseman.


Emily and Scooter competing at the 2016 KWHA State show.  She finished 6th in her age group.


Think these two are comfortable together?

January 2013
April 2013
September 2012
After winning Jr Queen at a horse show in Walker, KS May 2013
Scoot can run and then slow down for the judged events. Here Em is running him at the KWHA State horse show in Phillipsburg September 2013.


The report from the first buyer of Scooter (SV Ciclones Hotrod) was always great!! Scooter should end up being the “real deal” for team roping arena.. Speed and ability. (reported in 2005)
“I had to let you know what I did with Scoot last night. …and said he was bringing steers to the indoor here at Hays (which is going to be every Monday night open practice). Anyway, I thought I’d saddle up the kid and take him up and ride him around, score a few etc.. Didn’t know if my knee would take it at all. So, I do just that, and get along great. By this time I can’t stand not having a rope in my hand and the cattle were really nice. Long story short, Scoot stayed quiet and worked like he’d been there a thousand times. I had 3 nice compliments on him, and I was just ecstatic. I only roped 9 head on him, but the last one (on purpose) ran a little, we had him caught by half pen. I brought him back up and scored the last one, he barely even wiggled, (EXCELLENT)!!

He will definitely be ready to go this summer, and this guy can mortally fly. In case you can’t tell by this point, I’m tickled to death.”

When Bob had a trainer work with him right after he purchased him, this trainer said he was started right and warned Bob not to start roping on him too early since he was the “real deal.”
That is proving true as in the fall of 2006, Bob is thinking he could start competing on him. He is fast to the steer, pulls off on the corner and turns and faces great.
In October, 2005, he has had a guy who is working in the feedlot put some time on him.
This guy said, “he’s one cowy go gettin little sob”
This picture was taken on Sept. 12, 2004
Also registered with the FQHR (92.19% foundation). He is in the incentive fund and eligible for the 5-State Barrel Futurity (sire could be put into the listing for the team roping futurity, too),
Bold Heart Futurity (roping and barrels), and the Sunrise Futurity (barrels).
This picture was taken June 3, 2004.  He was just a tad over 15.1.
Scooter was taken to the trainer on February 21, I went there on March 16th and he was very calm, quick, and athletic. His movements were very fluid and he broke out well.
He came home on April 3, 2004 and he was enjoyable to ride. I could do 360s on him very easily, he drug a big tree trunk, barrels, and even had some calves roped off of him with a breakaway on the rope. He was rode in the hills and crossed water plus learned how to go up and down hills at an easy pace. He could back straight and at a good speed. He was able to sidepasses and also two-track. I little kid could put a halter or bridle on this horse as he was taught to come down with his head. He was very light on the bit and responded well to whatever the rider asked.
He was used a few times driving cattle and showed a lot of cowing ability already. He was used to drag a few calves to fire on April 17, 2004 and he did GREAT!! It seemed very easy for him.

Shown in Hebron, NE on June 3, 2004 and was 1st in the 2-year old gelding class
He was rode in Ranch Pleasure at the big 3-day show in Salina, KS on October 22-24, 2004
and even though a 2-year old cannot receive any performance points in the FQHR, I was very pleased with how he did. He picked up every lead, didn’t spook at anything, and was very levelheaded. He was not shown in conformation due to ending up with other commitments, so the class was scratched.
June 9, 2003
He is thick and is really going to make a friendly and good riding gelding.
He was saddled for the first time October 21, 2003.
September 29, 2002
August 1, 2002
July 25, 2002
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