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MGS: G A R Phoenix

Semen available through Sire Buyer

Calved 02/14/2022 • AAA *20496184

SIRE: BJ Surpass


FERGUSON OUTPACE, one of those talked about sires that sold in 2023. He is a one of a kind “BJ Surpass” son out of a small teeted, good uttered, productive Phoenix daughter. FERGUSON OUTPACE is not only structurally and phenotypically excellent with outstanding foot structure, Outpace is the ONLY BULL in the Angus breed with exceptional individual traits of Calving Ease, Maternal Calving Ease, Growth, Carcass, $Values, Claw and Angle, and Heifer Pregnancy combined with TOP 1% $M and TOP 1% $C. FERGUSON OUTPACE IS A RARE GENETIC PACKAGE. He was the High selling Bull of all time at the 2023 FERGUSON ANGUS BULL SALE going to HUNT ANGUS of Anselmo, NE. OUTPACE is Being used heavily in both the Ferguson and Hunt Angus Herds. FERGUSON OUTPACE is a Sire to put on your “Must Use List!

MGS: S A V Bismarck 5682

Semen available through Select Sires.

Calved 01/19/2015 • AAA *18292488

SIRE: V A R Discovery 2240


Calved 02/16/2017 • AAA *18995930

SIRE: K C F Bennett Fortress

MGS: Connealy Confidence 0100

Semen available through ORIgen. 

Stronghold 195E Oct 2018.JPG



Calved 01/19/2015 • AAA *18996007

SIRE: V A R Discovery 2240

MGS: LD Emblazon 999

Semen available through Select Sires.

Calved 02/17/2016 • AAA 18542889

SIRE: Baldridge Waylon W34

MGS: EF Complement 8088

Semen available through ORIgen. 


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