Pedigree includes
His Dam Krysler's Pedigree:  Three Chicks, Joak, Leo, King,Sun Frost, Laughing Boy, and Easy Jet
His Sire, Ciclone Socks’ pedigree: Sun Frost, Laughing Boy and Easy Jet
He’s very friendly and loves any attention he can get.
He also has a lot of speed and athletic ability.

The pictures above were taken June 3, 2006.
Scamp still has plenty to learn, but he was my main horse during the 2006 AI season and was even rode with a halter quite a bit in with the cattle. He really watches and will cut very quickly with them. He’s also been used in pleasure and reining and does very well. A friend of mine wanted to ride him bareback and didn’t hesitate even after I told her he hadn’t ever been ridden that way…no problems at all as he went along just as if he had the saddle on.
The following pictures were taken on May 23, 2004

Scamp was only used at the AI site in 2004 for approximately 30 minutes. He really took an interest in the cattle. I was a little hesitant in riding him in 2004 since, as a 2 y.o., he had a lot of immaturity, but in 2005, he was used extensively during AI season and then was used to move a few cattle and check fence. His maturity level changed a lot in 2005.

He is really an enjoyable horse to ride.

Taken to the trainer on February 21, 2004
I made the trip to the trainer on March 16 to see the boys in action and Scamp is really a quick and smooth mover. The trainer really liked him and got along with him. He sees a lot of potential in anything that would be done on Scamp, be it ranching, cutting, reining, or barrelracing.
He came home on April 3. He will back, sidepass, two-track, and responds well to leg cues. He also will bring his head almost to the ground if you want him to when putting the halter or bridle on.

This picture was taken on June 9, 2003

In the pasture, he will outrun almost any of the other horses, so he should end up being a good barrel horse and/or cowhorse with this speed and his athletic ability

This picture was taken on June 9, 2003

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