Krysler’s 2004 bay filly 
born around 11 p.m. on March 28

By Buenos Doc Frost who is by PC Bronsin out of a
Poco Bueno/double bred Leo dam

A friend of mine took Gabby for a couple months and started riding her. She is riding very well and, since my friend rode Gabby’s mom, Krysler, quite a bit, she knew exactly what she was saying when she said she was just like her mom. Not only is she just like her mom in the riding, but since she got home on July 15, 2006, she has proven she’s like her mom in another way.

Take a look at how much she likes a small pond in the pasture.

Getting ready to be rode August 9, 2007.

After the ride on August 9, she was plenty hot due to hot temps and high humidity, so she enjoyed a bath, therefore the darker color.

Picture taken June 11, 2005

Picture taken May 23, 2004

According to my friend, Gabby is the spittin’ image of the way her mom, Krysler, was when I was training her. She has not had any buck at all and shows a little laziness. Krysler was terribly lazy when she was younger, but it didn’t hurt her performance at all.
I believe Gabby will be a real cowy horse, too.


The pictures below were all taken March 31, 2004

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