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Born May 8, 1982
She was an excellent cow horse and as she aged, she graduated to the young kids
who liked to go slow in the arena since after all these years, lameness became a problem for her.

Congratulations to the McCullouch’s–hope she’s enjoyed by you as much as she was here
Cricket was a great horse for us and this was a tough decision for me to sell her.
I remember my dad coming in one morning and telling me that I had a colt in the pasture
and it doesn’t seem like that was over 22 years ago.

She needed to go to someone that would give her a lot of lovin’ and be used by a child.
There are a lot of good memories of her here and she will never be forgotten.

Here is a picture of the ole girl, Cricket.


This picture was taken in July 2001 at the age of 19

My brother’s kids enjoyed riding her around the farm, but since my nephews and niece don’t live around here I decided
she needed a job, so she was at a friend’s place teaching her girls how to ride. But, she is now back home since she couldn’t hold up anymore to a lot of riding. She won their hearts over, as their girls were really sad when they brought her back. She was a wonderful cowhorse for us, the kids all enjoyed her, and she helped our older nephew, Brice, win a saddle and quite a few belt buckles.


Cricket is a full sister to Krysler.

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