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Rawhide Leo Flash
2001 Dun gelding
by Prices Leo Flash out of a Continental Frost/Sonny Dee Bar mare



Brennan Kirchhoff rode Buck at the 2016 KWHA State Show and finished 2nd overall in her age group.
Buck can do it all.

Pictures Below taken 6-3-06


Pictures taken from the 2008 KWHA State Show where Sarah finished 4th overall in her age group.

Cloverleaf–finished 5th
Leadback–finished 2nd
Flag Race–finished 3rd
Polo Turn–finished 4th
Pole Bending–starting the pattern
Pole Bending–finished 3rd
2-Barrel Flag Race switching
the flags on the turning line
2-Barrel Flag
threw just a little early

On July 19, 2008 Sarah ran Buck in Barrels and Poles at the Gosper/Phelps County 4-H horseshow held in Elwood, NE.  She finished Grand Champion in Barrels and Reserve Champion in Pole Bending.   Buck was also shown in halter and received 3rd purple out of a total of 18 in the class of Geldings ages 3 and up. 

Annie and Grace were also used at this fair.

See each of their results on their individual pages.


Buck was also used in Barrels and Poles at her District 4-H Horseshow in June where he received a blue and a red.  She competed July 16 at the Nebraska State 4-H Horseshow in Barrels and came home with a blue ribbon.


      On May 26, 2007, my niece competed in the Open Phillips County Horseshow for all kids 8-18 years old.  She was the Champion of the 12-14 age group using three horses. 


Buck was used in Horsemanship (1st), Trail (2nd), and Reining (1st).  She rode Krysler in Bareback Horsemanship and the race events and Annie in Showmanship.  Sarah started running Buck in barrels and other race events after July 2007 when Krysler got hurt in the pasture.  Sarah really clicked with Buck a long time ago, so he has become a keeper here at the ranch.

My niece has shown him in reining, horsemanship, and pleasure and he has done very well for her. Buck and Annie both became her 4-H projects for 2006. At her fair on July 29 in Elwood, NE she received a purple with him in halter and reining and a blue in pleasure. In the Phillips County Open Horseshow, Buck won reining for both Will and Sarah,Sarah was 1st in Horsemanship, and Will was 1st in Trail, so he was a part of helping each of them place in the top five in their age groups overall…Will received 2nd in the 12-14 and Sarah 3rd in the 8-11.

Buck was also shown at the KFQHRA in Plainville on July 22, 2006 by Sarah and Will
and he finished 2nd in Youth Ranch Pleasure and Ranch Reining for Sarah and for Will he was 1st in Youth Handy Ranch Horse, 6 and older geldings Open division, and Youth Geldings.
He also was the Reserve Grand Champion Gelding in the Open division.

During the Reining pattern at the Plainville KFQHRA Horseshow with Sarah riding him.
Buck has done well since we purchased him in June 2005.
The above pic shows him running kegs at the 2005 KWHA State Show for my nephew, Will.
Lori used him working cattle back when we first got him and he could really move quick with them.
He was roped off of on the heeling end a couple of times with the former owner
and he is also used to rope and drag to fire at the brandings, too.

Sarah will probably end up taking him with her to wherever she ends up after college
as he has earned a very special place in her heart.
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