SV Drews Allieoop
Born April 16, 2010 
Last foal out of Colonels Queen Bee 
Allie is 98.04% Foundation 



On April 16, 2010 around 3 a.m., a Drews Hancock filly was born here at.

She is a dun and is really friendly. Definitely ended up being worth the wait and Maudie went 363 days from  the first breeding date. Her average is 349 and the longest before this one was Boomer at 354 days.

Following two pictures taken on Sept. 24, 2013

Following two pictures taken Oct. 7, 2013


Allie rides out very nice. She is a little lazy, but many of mine are that way, but when it comes down to going to work, they pick it up and will cut and move out great. I don’t expect her to be any different. I’ve even had a young girl (12 years old now) ride her down the road early 2013 and again in December, she rode her at a canter, too, and was able to get Allie in the correct lead. 

She’s also been in with the cattle in the feedlot just walking thru and she wants them to know she’s in charge. She did have some time off this summer, but the first time I was back on her in Sept. 2013, she picked up leads I cued her for and really gets her butt up under her in a stop. I’m really thinking she will be a great reining horse.

Picture taken Jan 22, 2011

Pictures take July 6, 2010

Pictures taken May 18, 2010

Pictures taken April 16 at about 8 hours of age.

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